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This 12-week transformational program is for women who want to feel better and do better after divorce. 

The program includes:

Six one-on-one coaching sessions

12 Group coaching workshops

Access to a private online community


Call Janice at 513.720.6021 or send an email to janice@impactlearninggroup.com for more information.


"Janice is reflective, listens intently and asks probing questions, enabling your thoughts and direction to take shape, as if you had done it alone. She provides just the right measure of thought, inquiry and opinion and hands the rest to you so you can become a better version of yourself. "

 Peg H.

Life Transition Coaching

Your Life After Divorce

Divorce affects all aspects of your life, from health, emotional well-being, career, and relationships with family and friends. Working with a coach and a peer support group you'll gain new skills, unclutter your thoughts and help you feel empowered to move forward. 

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Your Life in Retirement

Are you leaving a professional career and not ready to retire? Do you want to stay active and engaged to make a difference? Not sure what's next? 

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Your Life's Next Chapter

Are you searching for that next thing, that unknown yearning for something more but not sure what it is, or how to get there? Are you afraid you don't have what it takes? 

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Q: How do I know if coaching is right for me?

A: Through our free consultation service, you'll discover if our coaching program will help you achieve your goals, and which  program is best for you. We offer several packages. 

Q: How does your coaching work?

A: We start with an assessment of where you are now, and your vision and goals for the future. Then, we work through the roadblocks at your pace, weekly, bi-monthly, 

or monthly, until you get there.